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Waterlilies Come in and splash around.  Monet's gone electronic. A WebPoem in tribute to the most famous of the French impressionists.
Mt. Fuji Follow Hokusai as he creates 46 views of Mount Fuji.
On the Nature of the Way Lao Tse, an early hypertext master, creates a Web On the Nature of the Way.
WebPoems make poetry 3D.  You do not proceed from line to line. You swing from node to node.  You immerse yourself in the environment.

The poet sets up the world, but you make your own path through it. As John Cage said, "The artist sets up the rules, and then follows them, to see what the result will be."  By clicking around, you participate.  You follow the links, the associations, the suggestions, but in your own way.

Interactivity is motion through an array that has height, width, and depth.   Unlike a conventional page, WebPoems offer the third dimension.  And, as you move through the environments, time dissolves.  You begin to sense a person behind the environment, but your own experience is cumulative, additive, gradually building up second by second.

WebPoems are to paper poems what drama is to the lyric.  We relish the depth, and the multiplicity, the sheer electronic experience.

--Jonathan Price


Copyright 1998 Jonathan and Lisa Price, The Communication Circle
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