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Jonathan Price

 Hypertext Info Systems & Web Sites Developed an online and interactive college for courses on Apple products as part of creating America Online. Consult regularly, give workshops and talks, and judge STC competitions in these areas.
Online Help Systems Led guerilla effort at Apple to create first online help systems. Participated in developing templates and help systems for Claris. Have created and coached many help projects.
Technical Writing and Design (Hard Copy) At Apple, created original styleguide, later expanded as How to Write a Computer Manual.  Focus on documentation for consumers, on products such as ClarisWorks, Ms Works, FileMaker, AOL, Norton Utilities.
Technical Editing (Hard Copy) Have done extensive editing of Japanese manuals for the American audience. Also, have performed full developmental edits of suites of manuals.
Selected Talks Talks on complexity theory, electronic outlining, object oriented approaches to documentation, and technical communication as a spiritual path.
Coaching Regular one-on-one consultations with each writer on the team, to provide immediate feedback on current work, and to encourage fast improvement.
Teaching Regularly teach professional writers at U.C. Berkeley and Santa Cruz, and Stanford.  Taught undergraduates at Yale, NYU, Rutgers, UNM, and New Mexico Tech.
Marketing Have created sales demos (interactive demonstrations of software), marketing materials, marketing newsletters and magazines, and sales training modules.
Journalism Write feature articles for Webzines.  Have appeared in major national magazines such as Esquire, Harper's, The Nation, Reader's Digest, and TV Guide.
Video Art and TV Created some of the first video art, described the way videomakers came to define the unique capabilities of the medium, produced TV shows, and explored commercials.
Art Conceptual art and public art, taking off from concrete poetry, in many exhibits in New York, and around the world. Random access, nonlinear, walk-through environments.
Complete Vita For those hardy souls who would really like to print out the complete data.


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