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Lisa Price

Industry Expertise Speaker, Internet Content West: Going Beyond $1 a Word, and Syndication

Co-author of the The Best of Online Shopping. Currently is the FamilyShop columnist for Disney's and also writes a weekly column, ShopTalk™ for Is a frequent guest talking about online shopping on TV and radio, and has been interviewed as an expert on the subject by The Associated Press, CNNfn, Business Week, The Washington Post and many others. She was the online shopping spokesperson for this year, and for Visa and eToys during the 1999 holiday season.

Lisa also advised the CBS Morning Show, Reader's Digest's New Choices, Family Fun, and Family PC on children's software. Wrote a regular Internet column on trends in the children's software industry, called SoftTrends.



Assigned, edited, and designed Web content for 11-14 parenting articles per month, managing an annual budget of over $100,000 for, an online store selling toys, software, and video games.  Highlighted in Contentious, the online zine for Web writers. has also won awards and applause, in part because of the editorial content, from C|Net, the Los Angeles Times, PathFinder, Parent Soup, and many others. 



Wrote hundreds of articles over the last four years.  Topics include:

  • Online charity
  • Kids Internet portals
  • The best e-commerce sites
  • Whole product categories
  • Behind-the-scenes stories on major vendors
  • Tips about websites with information for parents
  • Advice for parents of kids with special needs
  • Features focusing on what teachers are doing with computers in the classroom.
  • Internet issues
  • The future of educational software
Journalism (Paper)  

Published widely in magazines aimed at the family and home professional.  Recently wrote and edited eFit, a special supplement for Time-Warner Publications.


Co-authored four books:



Gave interviews on TV and radio, presented  talks and workshops on online shopping, ecommerce, customer security, online charitable giving, ad writing for webzines.


Copyright 2000 Jonathan and Lisa Price, The Communication Circle
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