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Using FileMaker Pro 5 The latest update of our classic on the database for the rest of us, aimed at anyone who has to develop a database that other people can really use. 
The Best of Online Shopping Our guide to the fastest, easiest, and wildest stores on the Web. We've picked out the best online shops so you don't have to search through thousands of hits. We answer your questions about the security, privacy, pricing, shipping, and quality when you buy online. From Ballantine.
Fun with Digital Imaging The official HP guide to digital imaging, showing why the field has become so popular, with digital cameras, scanners, and photo-quality printers you can use with your personal computer.  Browse a portfolio of color-packed projects, and learn how to make your own, no matter what software or hardware you have. IDG Books and HP, 1999.
Outlining Goes Electronic Didn't you just hate outlining, back in school?  Well, Jonathan says that outlining software lets us do everything Ms Krinkel hoped we would do, back then, without the tedium of revising with paper and pen. This book is a historical and theoretical investigation of the impact of the change of medium on the process of creating structure through outlining, from Aristotle's Rhetoric to Microsoft's Word. Outlining Goes Electronic, Volume 9 in the ATTW Contemporary Studies in Technical Communication, from Ablex, an imprint of Elsevier. 1999.
Windows 95 for Kids and Parents For all of you who haven't taken the leap to Windows 98, our Dummies guide, Windows 95 for Kids and Parents, shows you how to take over the look and feel of your screen, paint your screen, send email, and surf the Web.  Includes a sneak preview of Windows 98, so you can decide whether you really need to trade up. (A Dummies Book, 1998).
Discover Ms Home Essentials For families just beginning to use a personal computer, our Discover book introduces Microsoft Works, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Network, Microsoft Word, and, get this, the Hallmark Greetings Workshop, and the Return of the Arcade Games. (An IDG Book, 1997).
Maclopedia We didn't write it all--no one could.  This Mac encyclopedia- cum-CD-ROM tells you everything you ever dreamt of, about the Macintosh. We contributed 24 in-depth interviews with Mac creators and shakers, inside and out of Apple. (See Topic Finder inside front cover!) Hayden 1996.
Trail Guide to America Online An informal tour of every channel on the world's superstation of online services, plus step-by-step instructions on sending and receiving email, chatting, downloading, and surfing the Web from AOL. Addison-Wesley, 1994.
Virtual Playhouse for the Macintosh An entertaining exploration of every non-business application for the Mac, focusing particularly on fractals, animation, morphing, multimedia graphics, music, sound effects, hypertexts, and creativity. Plus a CD with lots of sample software. Hayden Books, 1994.
Computing with ClarisWorks 2 for the Macintosh A hands-on tutorial for high schoolers and junior college students, covering every aspect of the popular integrated package based on AppleWorks. Co-authored with Suzanne Brown, Tom Outler, and Mick Renner. South-Western Educational Publishing, 1994.
How to Communicate Technical Information So you've just been assigned to write a manual, or an online help system?   Here's the inside dope on how to schedule, budget, design, and create documentation for users, based on our extensive experience in the industry. Co-authored with Henry Korman. Benjamin/Cummings, 1993.
FileMaker Pro2 Two books, one on FileMaker Pro for Windows, the other on FileMaker Pro for the Macintosh, tell developers how to design a database, work with clients, and create an efficient system with a friendly interface. Co-authored with Rich Coulombre.   Addison-Wesley, 1992-1993.
Computing with ClarisWorks 1 An introduction to the best-selling integrated software for the Macintosh. Co-authored with Henry Korman, Adam Rochmes, and Linda Urban.   South-Western Educational Publishing, 1993.
Backlist ... Cool and classic.  Other books we've done, going back in time.   Some are still in print, others are available only in finer libraries.


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