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Taking a FreshLook™ Get a neutral outside observer's take on your documentation when it counts--in alpha or beta, when the writers can actually make changes. Our fast response helps the writers improve the manual during the regular review cycle.
Training Writers We have more than 20 years experience teaching professional writers, as well as beginners, to write clear step-by-step procedures, useful reference manuals, effective help systems, and easy-to-navigate Web sites.
Coaching Writers When you need to change the way a whole team writes, we start with a workshop focusing on particular strategies, then follow up with individual coaching, to make sure that writers can apply the strategies to their own work, from week to week.
Writing from a User's Point of View Too much documentation still reflects an engineer's perspective on the system.  We learn a lot about your real users, and write from their point of view, so they can understand and use all of the features your engineers have worked so hard to include.
Increasing your Return on Information We take a methodical approach to building the architecture of your web site.  With more than a dozen years applying user interface research to working hypertext systems, we can help you create efficient access mechanisms, understandable navigation systems, powerful menus, and effective page design.  Don't waste all that information: make it work for you, with an interface that smoothes the way for users.
Improving Documentation for Databases We specialize in documenting all kinds of databases, from huge merchant systems down to flatfiles, from relational to object-oriented databases.
Supporting Writers' Groups We have donated many hours to the Society for Technical Communication, giving speeches, workshops, and whole conferences, as well as judging competitions, and helping new writers.


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