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On Personalizing Content If you must create personalized content for delivery over the Web or by e-mail, these pieces show you what personalization can do, what its benefits are for users and your company, and what challenges you face, creating this kind of content.
On Complex  Documentation For professional writers and managers, these articles deal with current and emerging challenges such as pattern languages, outlining, Website editing and management, complexity, SGML databases, Help systems, and collaboration among members of a writing team.
  On Kids' Software Three dozen articles on educational, creative, adventurous, and downright silly software for kids, from age 2 to 15.  Plus behind-the-scenes looks at the people who developed the software.
On Home Software In-depth surveys of software that parents can use with kids to enhance family activities such as cooking, travel, gardening, landscaping, interior renovations, health care, even sports.
On TV and Video From Nam June Paik's first video ride down Fifth Avenue to Madison Avenue commercials, these articles survey the emergence of video as a medium distinct from network TV. 
On Art, Poetry, & Drama Pop art by Claes Oldenburg, concrete poetry, drama by Robert Lowell, Joseph Heller, Arthur Miller and William Shakespeare -- cultural cameos in multiple media, some scholarly, some pop.

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