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Taking a FreshLook
Taking a FreshLook™

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Get a neutral outside review of your beta draft within a week. We provide a professional opinion of the organization, writing, and layout of your material—fast. You receive our detailed comments on the same schedule as your internal review, so that you can apply the suggestions right away.

This feedback can help you if you are

    • A team facing a chaotic project and crazy schedule, so no one has had a chance to review the whole set of documentation for coherence, clarity, and impact
    • A team exploring a new approach, such as object-oriented documentation, or Web-based support systems
    • A project leader looking for a solution to an internal debate on the team
    • A solo writer on a project, with no other writers to turn to for support

We know you need details—comments you can act on. We go through every page, noting the trivial typos as we go, but focusing on larger issues of understanding.

We act as a stand-in for your readers. We tell you when we get confused. And then we give you concrete suggestions for change—action items you can carry out, new tables of contents, new paragraphs. When we don’t know enough to give you a complete revision, we ask you the questions we think users would have, so you can grab a subject matter expert, and get the answers.

Our report is not some official evaluation: we are writers talking to other writers. And we go beyond the usual editorial query by making lots of specific suggestions. Based on more than 20 years in the field of technical communication, our report should help you improve your current documents, and point the way to faster writing in the future.

If you think this service might help you on your current project, please call us in advance, at 505 898-4912, so that together we can develop a delivery schedule, agree on tools, and settle on an estimated cost based on number of pages or screens, and complexity of subject matter.


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