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Supporting Writers' Groups

Nationally Sponsored Workshops

The national headquarters of the Society for Technical Communication sponsored Jonathan's workshops at the chapter level, handling publicity and registration so that the local chapters could profit from part of the fees.

  • Kansas City, MO, March, 1994
  • Atlanta, GA, March, 1995
  • Kachina New Mexico Chapter, February, 1996

Jonathan also gave a workshop at the Anaheim (1998) conference on An Object-Oriented Approach to Improving Documentation.

Regional Conference Keynote speech

Jonathan delivered the keynote speech at the STC Trends 97 Technical Communication Conference, Orlando, FL., October 3, 1997, as well as giving a one-day workshop on help.


For the Kachina New Mexico chapter of the STC, we programmed, hosted, and keynoted a two-day conference on Recycling Information into Multimedia using Web Tools and SGML, with more than 20 speakers, preparing the site, doing publicity, registering more than 80 attendees. November 17-18, 1995.

Speeches at the National Conferences

In 1988 Jonathan gave a talk on online help styles at the Philadelphia annual STC convention, reprinted in Text, ConText, and HyperText.

When the conference was in Santa Clara (1990), Jonathan gave a General Session speech about educating the next generation of tech writers, at Sherry Little’s behest.

In 1995, in the Washington, D.C. annual conference, Francine Hyman and Jonathan gave a talk on Moving Beyond Help.

In 1997, Jonathan gave talks on complexity and electronic outlining at the IEEE and ACM annual conferences, in Snowbird, Utah.

At the Anaheim STC conference (1998), Jonathan delivered two lectures (one on complexity, one on webzines), one panel discussion on trends, a roundtable talk on my dream of a national library of technical communication, and a workshop on the object-oriented approach to documentation.

Speeches to Chapter Meetings

Over the last 18 years, Jonathan has given at least two dozen speeches and short workshops to meetings of the East Bay Chapter, Berkeley Chapter, San Francisco Chapter, Silicon Valley Chapter, Kachina New Mexico Chapter, and Tokyo Chapter of the STC. Topics included online help, CD-ROMs, hypertext, tutorials, procedures, collaboration.


With other members of the Apple team, Jonathan won a region-level award of Distinguished Technical Communication for the training disk, reference manual, and tutorial for AppleWorks, in the Northern California STC competition, 1986.

His Virtual Playhouse for the Macintosh (book and CD) won awards of Distinction, and Best of Show from the Kachina New Mexico Chapter, and Excellence, from the international STC competition, 1994/95.


As the faculty advisor to the New Mexico Tech student STC chapter for several years, Jonathan nudged them to get out a newsletter, do shadow days with people at Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories, and persuaded two students to set up a list serve for students of tech writing (because they are so often scolded on Techwr-l). In 1998 he shepherded four students to a presentation they gave to the Kachina New Mexico chapter. They went on to give talks at the Regional Conference in Texas. Their presentations went so well they were regarded as grad students. In addition, working with Chuck Campbell, Jonathan helped prepare students to talk about web editing at the Texas Regional conference, based on the article we all did for an   IEEE special issue (March 1998).

Production and Design for STC Publications

JonathanI worked under Carol Barnum to redesign the STC books so they could be sold commercially. The earlier design involved photocopying typewritten manuscripts. We moved to an electronic design, a smaller trim size, more white space, and a more contemporary look to the books. We moved to put the ISBN number and a price on the back of the books, again so that bookstores could carry our line.We created standards for indexing, arguing that our books deserved indexes. Jonathan also redesigned the covers, so that they could carry more promotional material, to compete with commercial lines.



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