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Increasing Your Return on Information
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Increasing your Return on Information

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Increase Your Web ROI (Return on Information)

So now that your organization has thrown a ton of documents up on the Web, your users are complaining that they can’t find anything, can’t buy products, and can’t get in touch with real people who can answer their questions. Oops!

We can help you develop a solid business case for fixing your Web site. And we’ll work with you to develop an effective site map, understandable menu system, attractive order system, and carefully tested page design. But even more important, we’ll show you how to develop a team of people who can respond to emails, lead chat sessions, host online forums, and run lists—so that users have good reasons to tune in again and again.

Our object-oriented approach will help your team develop an easy-to-follow model of the standard elements of your site, so that everyone can quickly spot which elements are doing their job, and which need to be fixed. This restructuring often means you can cut a lot of bad prose. And as you articulate the structure in this way, users will find access and navigation improve dramatically online.


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